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This list of the twenty largest urban areas in China by population in 2010 uses data compiled by the OECD based on its methodology to determine economically linked areas of high population density in China it calls "functional urban areas."[1] It is an adaptation of methodology the OECD uses to determine functional urban areas in OECD member countries.[2] Official Chinese city boundaries cover both urban and rural areas and thus do not necessarily represent the true urban population.[3]


Rank City Urban Population[4]
(2010, in millions)
1 Shanghai 28.2 Shanghai Pudong Shanghai Night Skyline Jan 2018.jpg
2 Shenzhen 21.7 Guangdong Shenzhen night street.JPG
3 Guangzhou 21.0 Guangdong Canton Tower 2013.12.02 18-16-47.jpg
4 Beijing 19.2 Beijing Beijing skyline from northeast 4th ring road (cropped).jpg
5 Wuhan 12.6 Hubei WuhanSkyline.jpg
6 Tianjin 11.6 Tianjin Tianjin Skyline 2009 Sep 11 by Nangua 1.jpg
7 Chengdu 11.3 Sichuan Scuhuaxi.jpg
8 Chongqing 11.1 Chongqing Chongqing Night Yuzhong.jpg
9 Hangzhou 9.3 Zhejiang Hangzhou CBD.jpg
10 Nanjing 8.3 Jiangsu
11 Xi'an 7.8 Shaanxi 1 xian china wild goose pagoda view.JPG
12 Shantou 7.5 Guangdong Shantou night.jpg
13 Changzhou 7.3 Jiangsu 20090919 Changzhou 5459.jpg
14 Shenyang 7.0 Liaoning Shenyang goledn ocean star hotel.JPG
15 Jinan 6.9 Shandong Jinanfromqianfoshan.jpg
16 Harbin 6.4 Heilongjiang Harbin nightly view by TroyParfitt.jpg
17 Qingdao 6.2 Shandong City View Of Qingdao 1.JPG
18 Zhengzhou 5.8 Henan File:河南艺术中心.png
19 Wenzhou 5.3 Zhejiang Vue générale de Wenzhou.JPG
20 Nanchang 4.2 Jiangxi Nanchang Bayi Guangchang 20120723-20.jpg


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