Rails Day

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Rails Day is a competition which gives teams of developers 24 hours to build the best web app that they can using Ruby on Rails.

The first competition was held on June 4, 2005.

2005 Winners

Out of 55 Entries that qualified:

  1. Sheets by Robert John Bousquet and Cyrus Farajpour
  2. YubNub by Jon Aquino
  3. Fichebowl by Brandt Kurowski, Ben Tucker, and Aaron Michal

2006 Winners

Out of 183 Entries (only 127 actually committed anything to SVN):

Best Overall

  1. Freckle (#65) by Amy Hoy and Elise Wood.
  2. Good to Garden (#40) by Will Emigh and Rory Starks.
  3. Cuppin (#33) by Peat Bakke and Raymond Brigleb.

Best Solo Project

  1. Rails Wishlist (#174) by Hampton Catlin.

Best User Interface

  1. WeRateStuff (#18) by Fred Oliveira, Tiago Macedo and Pedro Freitas.
  2. D20 Online (#47) by Tom Leiber, Jeff Mickey and Javier.
  3. C.umul.us (#59) by Jae Hess.

Most Creative

  1. Awesome Ninja Game (#182) by Tobias Lutke, Cody, and Daniel.
  2. Family Book (#19) by Lucas Carlson and John Butler
  3. Roomind.us (#119) by Dominic Damian, Ben Myles and Chris Abad.

Most Useful

  1. Heartbeat (#103) by Charles Brian Quinn and Derek Haynes.
  2. Regex Tutor (#61) by Ryan Bates.
  3. Profilr (#84) by Terence Haddock and Mark Chadwick.

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