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Open Humanities Press is an international open access publishing initiative in the humanities, specializing in critical and cultural theory. OHP's editorial board includes leading scholars such as Alain Badiou, Jonathan Culler, Stephen Greenblatt, Jean-Claude Guédon, J. Hillis Miller, Antonio Negri, Peter Suber and Gayatri Spivak among others.


The Open Humanities Press (OHP) is a scholar-led publishing initiative founded by Paul Ashton (Australia), Gary Hall (UK), Sigi Jöttkandt (Australia) and David Ottina (US). Its aim is to raise awareness of open access publishing in the humanities and to provide promotional and technical support to open access journals that have been invited by OHP's editorial oversight group to join the collective.

OHP launched in May 2008 with seven open access journals and was named a "beacon of hope" by the Public Library of Science.[1] In August, 2009 OHP announced it will begin publishing open access book series edited by senior members of OHP's board.



The monograph series are:

  • New Metaphysics edited by Graham Harman and Bruno Latour
  • Critical Climate Change edited by Claire Colebrook and Tom Cohen
  • Fibreculture Books edited by Andrew Murphie
  • Liquid Books edited by Gary Hall and Clare Birchall
  • Immediations edited by the SenseLab
  • Technographies edited by Steven Connor, David Trotter and James Purdon

Journals Open Humanities Press also host several open access journals, including the following:

  • Culture Machine
  • International Journal of Zizek Studies
  • Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

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