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Original author(s)Tobias Hagemann[1]
Developer(s)Skymatic GmbH
Written inJava, CSS
Operating systemWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Platformx86-64, ARM
Available in48[2] languages

Cryptomator is an open source encryption software that provides encryption for cloud drives. It provides transparent, client-side encryption for personal cloud storage.[4] Crypromator encrypts each file separately and then allows the user to sync files with a cloud or local storage of choice.[5] It is available for all major operating system including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.[6]

Cryptomator uses AES-256 standard encryption and WebDAV.[7] Cryptomator relies on it's openhsource model for software verifiability, trust and bug fixing. Cryptomator provider Skymatic provides white-label encryption solution for financing the development.


In 2017, Cure53 audited the software.[8][9] Cryptomator was lauded for it's high degree of robustness in cryptographic implementation, but criticized use of AES in insecure ECB mode. Hagemann however did this was a false positive,"This is due to the Java Cryptography Extension, where the ECB mode must be specified for the creation of the SIV mode, even though this is and was never used by Cryptomator."^ [9]

In December 2021, Cryptomator 2.0 was released for iOS which was rewritten in Swift and integrated with apple file.[10]

In January 2022, an update was released for a bug that leaked file path to apple, because of the integration with Apple's file and use of File Provider Extension API.[11]


Cryptomator got CeBIT innovation award in 2016.[12][13]

MIT communities rely on Cryptomator encryption to keep cloud files private and secure.[14]


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