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Parallel Studio XE
Stable release
2019 Update 5 / 4 September 2019; 8 months ago (2019-09-04)[1]
Operating systemWindows, macOS and Linux[2]
PlatformIA-32 and x64[3]
TypeSoftware development kit

Intel Parallel Studio XE is a software development product developed by Intel that facilitates native code development on Windows, macOS and Linux in C++ and Fortran for parallel computing.[2] Parallel programming enables software programs to take advantage of multi-core processors from Intel and other processor vendors.


Parallel Studio is composed of several component parts, each of which is a collection of capabilities.


Intel announced Parallel Studio during their Intel Developer Forum in August 2008 along with a web site to sign up for their open beta program.[5][6] On 26 May 2009, Intel announced that it had released the product to market.[7][8][9][10] Intel and Microsoft worked together[11] to make their products compatible by adopting a common runtime called the Microsoft Concurrency Runtime, which is part of Visual Studio 2010.

Intel released a new version, Intel Parallel Studio 2011, on September 2, 2010.[12][13]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013, on September 5, 2012.[14][15]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015, on August 26, 2014.[16][17]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016, on August 25, 2015.[18][19]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 on September 6, 2016.[20]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 on September 12, 2017 [21]

Intel released Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 on September 12, 2018 [22]

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