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Developer(s)SkyCiv Pty Ltd
Initial release2015
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux
PlatformWeb Browser
TypeStructural Analysis

SkyCiv is a suite of commercial cloud-based structural analysis and design software. SkyCiv software is developed by the Australian Company SkyCiv Pty Ltd and performs Structural Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Structural Design.[1][2]


SkyCiv was founded by engineers studying at The University of New South Wales. They spent six months developing their first product which was launched in July 2014 and formed SkyCiv the following year.[3]

In November 2015, SkyCiv released its first version of SkyCiv Structural 3D - a structural analysis software for modeling and analyzing static structures.[4]

SkyCiv announced the inclusion of design software to their product line in July 2017, following the release of AISC 360 design software.[5] In December 2017, SkyCiv was ranked 4th in the Top B2B Australian Tech Companies of 2017.[6] In 2018, SkyCiv was also introduced as one of the founding companies at the UNSW 10x Program.[7]

In 2020 SkyCiv official launched their Structural Design and Analysis API.[8]

Features Overview

Analysis Software

Three-dimensional frame and beam finite element analysis including support for static, p-delta, buckling, cable and plate analysis.[9] SkyCiv's Structural 3D and Beam analysis programs appear on the Hong Kong Building Departments list of pre-accepted structural programs.[10]

Design Software

SkyCiv supports design codes from American, European, Canadian, British, Indian, and Australian standards.[11]

Education Programs

SkyCiv sponsors engineering educational programs primarily in the United States and Australia.[12] In 2018 SkyCiv announced the sponsorship of an annual Science Olympiad in the United States.[13][14]

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