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The Bibites is a biologically-inspired artificial life simulation created by Leo Caussan that features real-time evolution.[1] The Bibites allows anyone to grow their own ecosystems inhabited by bibites, actual artificial life forms that eat, grow, and are capable of reproduction.[2] Bibites reproduce via parthogenesis. Like in nature, their genes and brains evolve through generations to adapt to the environment they are in. Bibites need to consume food and digest it in order to gain energy to sustain themselves, their movements and growth, and to reproduce. This leads to natural selection, and over many generations, evolution.[3] Bibites compete with each other to pass on their genes. Bibites have 28 genes that determine everything from the bibite's size to the bibite's color. Bibites also have a brain that controls their behavior.[4] The brains of bibites have 3 types of neurons:input neurons, hidden neurons, and output neurons. Input neurons sense the environment for what may be happening in the bibite's environment. Hidden neurons are like the gears on a car's engine. And finally, the output neurons process the information and controls the bibite's behavior. Bibites have synapses that connect the bibite's neurons. The brains of bibites work in the NEAT algorithm.[5] If bibites do not eat, like real-life organisms, they will lose energy and die of starvation. Bibites have a diet gene that can range from 0 to 1. A diet gene of 0 means herbivorous:0.5 means omnivorous: a diet gene of 1 means carnivorous. Carnivorous bibites cannot eat plants or they will die because a carnivorous bibite eating plants means it will actually lose more energy than it gains, making it starve to death with a full stomach. This is also true for herbivorous bibites eating meat. Omnivorous bibites can eat both plants and meat. When bibites die,they drop meat on the ground,which carnivorous bibites can eat. If left for too long, meat will actually rot, causing it to disappear over time. Plants appear out of nowhere over simulation time, allowing for a steady food source for bibites to eat. Unlike meat, plants never rot.

Under certain conditions,herbivorous bibites can evolve into carnivorous bibites and vice versa.

This carnivorous bibite is from a world that is a few months old.

A picture of a bibite: