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Original author(s)Emile Vauge
Initial release7 June 2016; 3 years ago (2016-06-07)[1]
Stable release
Written inGo
Operating systemDarwin, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, Windows[2]
PlatformKubernetes, Docker, Swarm, Marathon, Rancher[3]

Traefik (pronounced "traffic")[4] is a cloud-native edge router solution developed by the software company Containous.[5] Traefik was released in 2016[1] under the terms of the free and open-source MIT license[6].

As of May 2020, Traefik has over one billion downloads on Docker Hub[7] in addition to over 28,000 stars on Github[8].


Traefik is designed to serve as a dynamic software load balancer capable of running on multiple orchestrators and cloud platforms[9][10][11] while handling over 20k requests per second[12].

Traefik includes the following features:


Traefik was created in 2015 by Emile Vauge to manage the incoming traffic for thousands of microservices. At that time, automating the routing configuration of ingress traffic to such dynamic infrastructures at this scale didn’t exist.[26] Vauge wanted to create a dynamic reverse proxy that would automatically manage traffic routing within modern containerized and cloud-native infrastructures.[27]

In April 2019, TraefikEE was released[28] as a commercial offering of Traefik providing scalability, high-availability, and additional security features combined with support agreements for enterprise customers.[29]

Traefik 2.0 was released in November 2019 with a number of core changes and new features. With the release, features such as SNI and Layer 4 (TCP) support were added. In addition, middlewares were introduced enabling chain rule-based behaviors along with support for advanced deployment patterns such as canary releases, A/B testing and traffic mirroring.[30]

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