Studies in Natural Language Processing

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Studies in Natural Language Processing is the book series of the Association for Computational Linguistics, published by Cambridge University Press . Steven Bird is the series editor. The editorial board has the following members: Chu-Ren Huang, Chair Professor of Applied Chinese Language Studies in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Chris Manning, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science in the Department of Linguistics and Computer Science (Stanford University), Yuji Matsumoto, Professor of Computational Linguistics in Graduate School of Information Science (Nara Institute of Science and Technology), Maarten de Rijke, Professor of Information Processing and Internet in the Informatics Institute (the University of Amsterdam) and Harold Somers, Professor of Language Engineering(Emeritus)in School of Computer Science (University of Manchester).

Books Currently in Print

Authors/Editors Year Title ISBN/DOI
Appelt, D.E. 1992 Planning English Sentences 0521438039
Asher, N & A Lascarides 2003 Logics of Conversation 0521650585
Bates, M. & R.M. Weischedel (eds) 1993 Challenges in Natural Language Processing 0521410150
Bosch, P. & R. van der Sandt (eds) 1998 Focus 0521583055
Briscoe, T., A. Copestake & V. de Paiva (eds) 1994 Inheritance, Defaults and the Lexicon 0521430275
Busa, F. & P. Bouillon (eds) 2001 The Language of Word Meaning 0521780489
Cole, R., J. Mariani, H. Uszkoreit, G.B. Varile, A. Zaenen & A. Zampolli (eds) 1998 Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology 0521592771
Daelemans, W. & A. van den Bosch 2005 Memory-Based Language Processing 0521808901
Dowty, D.R., L. Karttunen & A.M. Zwicky (eds) 1985 Natural Language Parsing 0521262038
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Hirst, G. 1992 Semantic Interpretation and the Resolution of Ambiguity 052142898X
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Kiraz, G.A. 2001 Computational Nonlinear Morphology 0521631963
Kornai, A. (ed) 1999 Extended Finite State Models of Language 052163198X
Kronfeld, A. 1990 Reference and Computation 0521399823
Masterman, M (Y Wilks, ed) 2005 Language, Cohesion and Form 0521454891
McKeown, K.R. 1992 Text Generation 0521438020
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Reiter, E. & R. Dale 2000 Building Natural Language Generation Systems 0521620368
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Sproat, R. 2000 A Computational Theory of Writing Systems 0521663407
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