Transmissibility (structural dynamics)

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Transmissibility, in the context of Structural Dynamics, can be defined as the ratio of the maximum force ([math]\displaystyle{ f_{max} }[/math]) on the floor as a result of the vibration of a machine to the maximum machine force ([math]\displaystyle{ P_0 }[/math]):

[math]\displaystyle{ TR = \frac{f_{max}}{P_0} = R_d\sqrt{1+(2\zeta\beta)^2} }[/math]
Where [math]\displaystyle{ \zeta }[/math] is equal to the damping ratio and [math]\displaystyle{ \beta }[/math] is equal to the frequency ratio. [math]\displaystyle{ R_d }[/math] is the ratio of the dynamic to static amplitude.

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