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File:Sam and Colby during the Estes method.jpeg
Sam and Colby performing the Estes method with fellow YouTubers

The Estes method, also known as the SB7 Spirit Box Experiment,[1] is a paranormal method and séance, using a spirit box with sensory deprivation so signals which are claimed to come from paranormal and supernatural beings like spirit and demonic beings are the most clear.


Normally the Estes method is used with a couple or multiple people, one person in sensory deprivation and the others witnessing and asking question to the paranormal entity, which responds through the spirit box. The person in sensory deprivation is normally seated and is blind-folded. The only thing they're able to hear is the spirit box, which they can hear through headphones. The others involved in this communication will ask questions to the supernatural being, which the being will answer through the spirit box. The spirit box answers in a short amount of words, normally in singular, and the other member's (not in sensory deprivation) job is to connect the text spoken from the spirit box to understand the response of the being.

Personal use

The Estes method is arguably most well-known and populated by YouTuber duo Sam and Colby, paranormal investigators who contact the paranormal through multiple methods, most notably the Estes method.


In a 2019 article in Skeptical Inquirer, the purported method was quickly dismissed as simply the results of paranormal enthusiasts interpreting random radio scanner devices responses as meaningful.[2]

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