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The beginning date of Solar cycle 25 is yet to be determined; when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began.[1][2] Its most likely start date is December 2019, but as this is based on a 13-month running mean of sunspot numbers, this cannot be certified until late 2020. It is expected to continue until 2030.[3][4]


The Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel predicted in December 2019[5] that Solar Cycle 25 will be similar to Solar Cycle 24, with the preceding Solar Cycle minimum in April 2020 (plus/minus six months); the solar maximum smoothed sunspot number of 115 in July 2025 (plus/minus 8 months). This prediction is in line with the current general agreement in the scientific literature, which holds that solar cycle 25 will be weaker than average (i.e. weaker than during the exceptionally strong Modern Maximum).[6] Upton and Hathaway have predicted that the weakness of cycle 25 would make it part of the Modern Gleissberg Minimum.[7]

Several varying predictions have been made regarding the strength of cycle 25, with predictions ranging from very weak with suggestions of slow slide in to a Maunder minimum like state[8][7][9] to a weak cycle similar to previous cycle 24[6] and even a strong cycle.[10][11][12] One published solar cycle prediction, which had claimed a very weak cycle with a slide to Maunder-like minimum in activity, was retracted, with the agreement of one of its four authors, by the Editors of Nature due to fundamental errors which overstated Earth-Sun distance variability over a period of centuries.[8]

Cycle 25 predictions
Source Date Cycle max Cycle start Cycle end
Thompson, M.J. et al.[4] August 2014 Q4 2019
Zharkova, V. et al 2014, 2015.[13] (Northumbria U.) October 2014, 80% of cycle 24
Upton, L.A. and Hathaway, D.H.[7] (Solar Observatories Group, Stanford University) December 2018 95% of cycle 24 Late 2020 – Early 2021
Xu, J.C. et al.[10] (Chinese Academy of Sciences) August 2018 152.2–184.8 (2024) October 2020
Bhowmik, P. and Nandy, D.[6] (IISER Kolkata) December 2018 109–139 (2023–2025) 2020 after 2031
Ozguc, A. et al.[11] (Harvard U-ty) December 2018 154±12 (2023.2±1.1)
NOAA / SSRC[14] April 2019 95–130 (2023–2026) mid-2019 – late 2020
NASA[15] June 2019 30–50% lower than Cycle 24 (2025) 2020
NOAA / SSRC (update)[16] December 2019 105–125 (July 2025) April 2020 (+/- 6 months)

Early signs

As at April 2018, the Sun showed signs of a reverse magnetic polarity sunspot appearing and beginning this solar cycle.[17] It is typical during the transition from one cycle to the next to experience a period where sunspots of both polarities exist (during the solar minimum). The polarward reversed polarity sunspots suggest that a transition to cycle 25 is in process.[18] The first Cycle 25 sunspot may have appeared in early April 2018[19][20] or even December 2016.[18]

In November 2019, two reversed polarity sunspots appeared, possibly signaling the onset of cycle 25.[21][22]

Nandy et al. (2020, Res. Notes of the AAS) analyzed the polarity orientation of bipolar magnetic regions observed in December 2019 and concluded that magnetic regions with the underlying orientation of solar cycle 25 toroidal field component were brewing in the solar convection zone, representing early signs of the new cycle.[23]


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