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Marcia K. Johnson (born 1943) is a Sterling Professor emeritus of psychology at Yale University. She received her Ph.D. in 1971 from University of California, Berkeley. Her research has focused on human memory, specifically the component processes of reflection and consciousness, mechanisms of veridical and distorted memory, memory disorders (resulting from amnesia, frontal brain damage, aging), and the relation between emotion and cognition.

Johnson has received a number of awards, including the American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award,[1] the American Psychological Society William James Fellow Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2014, she was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.[2]

Johnson joined the faculty at Yale in 2000, after previously teaching at Stony Brook University and Princeton University. She became the Dilley Professor of Psychology in 2004, and was appointed as a Sterling Professor in 2011.[3] Her former graduate students include Shahin Hashtroudi, Frank Durso, Mary Ann Foley, Tracey Kahan, Steve Lindsay, Elizabeth Phelps, Kristi Multhaup, Chad Dodson, Denise Evert, Mara Mather, John Reeder, Wil Cunningham, and Keith Lyle.

Johnson is the director of the Memory and Cognition Lab (MEMlab) at Yale, which "uses cognitive behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI) techniques to investigate the nature of human cognition and memory."


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