Biology:Holcosus bridgesii

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Short description: Species of lizard

Holcosus bridgesii
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Teiidae
Genus: Holcosus
H. bridgesii
Binomial name
Holcosus bridgesii
Cope, 1869
  • Holcosus bridgesii
    Cope, 1869
  • Ameiva bridgesii
    — Boulenger, 1885
  • Holcosus bridgesii
    — Harvey et al., 2012

Holcosus bridgesii, also known commonly as Bridges's ameiva , is a species of lizard in the family Teiidae. The species is native to northwestern South America.


The specific name, bridgesii, is in honor of American chemistry professor Robert Bridges (1806–1882).[3]

Geographic range

H. bridgesii is found in southern Colombia (Nariño Department and Gorgona Island) and northwestern Ecuador (Carchi Province and Esmeraldas Province).[1][2]


The preferred natural habitat of H. bridgesii is forest, at altitudes from sea level to 1,200 m (3,900 ft).[1]


H. bridgesii may attain a snout-to-vent length of 12 cm (4.7 in), and a total length (including tail) of 44 cm (17 in).[4]


H. bridgesii is oviparous.[2]


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Further reading

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