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Short description: Genus of fossil animals

Temporal range: Ediacaran, 547.4 Ma
Scientific classification

Glaessner, 1979
P. edmondsi
Binomial name
Protechiurus edmondsi
Glaessner, 1979[1]

Vendoglossa Seilacher, 2007[2][3]

  • V. tuberculata Seilacher, 2007

Protechiurus edmondsi is a species of fossil animal from the Ediacaran Nama group of Namibia. It was initially interpreted as an echiurid worm.[1] It has been placed as a "vendobiont", on the hypothesis that the Edicarian fauna represent a distinct phylum.[4] It has also been suggested that it may be an ecdysozoan.[5]

The identity of P. edmondsi identity is still unclear, as originally, Martin Glaessner put it into the worm phylum Echiura, family Echiuridae.[6] Although Runnegar though that it was actually a Dubiofossil, although other palaeontologists have suggested that it may be a Proto-Chordate.[6]

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