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Argana Group
Stratigraphic range: Late Permian-Late Triassic
Unit ofHigh Atlas
Sub-unitsIrakern Formation, Timezgadiouine Formation, Bigoudine Formation
OtherShale, conglomerate
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 31°00′N 9°00′W / 31.0°N 9.0°W / 31.0; -9.0
Paleocoordinates [ ⚑ ] 7°24′N 5°54′W / 7.4°N 5.9°W / 7.4; -5.9
RegionMarrakesh Province
Country Morocco
Argana Group is located in Morocco
Argana Group
Argana Group (Morocco)

The Argana Group is a Permian to Triassic geological group in the western High Atlas northeast of Agadir, Morocco.[1] Sometimes known as the Argana Formation, it contains eight geological members often divided into three formations. They include the Late Permian Ikakern Formation (members T1-T2), the Early Triassic to Carnian Timezgadiouine Formation (T3-T5), and the Late Triassic Bigoudine Formation (T6-T8).[2] Ornithischian tracks are geographically located in Marrakesh province.[2] Indeterminate theropod remains and tracks are geographically located in Marrakesh province.[2]

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