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A Nike Orion rocket in flight

Nike Orion is the designation of a two-stage American sounding rocket, with a Nike base stage, taken from U.S. Army surplus stocks, and an Orion upper stage. The Nike Orion is 9.01 m long (29 ft 6.5 in), there are two stages of boosters the 1st is 41.9 cm(16.5) 2nd is 35.6 cm (14in), a launch weight of 1100 kilograms (2420 lb), a launch thrust of 217 kN (48,800 lbf) and a ceiling of 140 km (460,000 ft). [1]

The first "Nike-Orion" rocket was launched on February 26, 1977 and has more than 175 launches through the 2000s.


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