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A Nike Tomahawk photographed at Wallops Flight Facility.

The Nike Tomahawk was a two-stage American sounding rocket. The first stage was a Nike rocket, the second a Tomahawk rocket.

The Nike Tomahawk has a ceiling of 230 statute miles (370 km), a payload capacity of 100 pounds (45 kg), a launch thrust of 49,000 pounds of force (217 kN), a launch weight of 2,200 pounds (990 kg), a diameter of 17 inches (0.42 m) and a length of 35 feet 5 inches (10.80 m). The Nike Tomahawk was launched 395 times between June 25, 1963 and November 27, 1995.

One of its launches was in 1966 in the locality Brazil, state of Rio Grande do Sul in the city of Rio Grande, in the beach of the Cassino, Brazil.


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