June 25 cyber terror

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The June 25 cyber terror is an information leak that occurred on June 25 2013 that targeted Cheongwadae and other institutions. The hacker that caused this incident admitted that the information of 2.5 million Saenuri Party members, 300 thousand soldiers, 100 thousand Cheongwadae homepage users and 40 thousand United States Forces Korea members.


At approximately 2013 June 25 9:10 AM, websites such as the Cheongwadae website, main government institute websites, news, etc. became victims of website change, DDoS, information thievery and other such attacks. When connecting to the Cheongwadae homepage words such as 'The great Kim Jong-un governor' and 'All hail the unified chairman Kim Jong-un! Until our demands are met our attacks will continue. Greet us. We are anonymous' would appear with a photo of president Park Geun-hye.

The government changed the status of cyber danger to 'noteworthy' on June 25 10:45 AM, then changed it to 'warning' on 3:40 PM.[1] Cheongwadae uploaded an apology on June 28.[2]

The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning revealed on July 16 that this incident and the 2013 South Korea cyberattack both corresponded with past hacking methods used by North Korea.[3] However, the attacked targets include a Japanese Korean Central News Agency site and major North Korean anti-South websites, and the hackers also have announced that they would release information of approximately 20 high-ranked North Korean army officers with countless pieces of information on North Korean weaponry.

Appearance in the South Korean National Geographic

The South Korean National Geographic published cyber terror as one of the top 10 keywords of 2013 with the reason for selection being this incident and the 2013 South Korea cyberattack.[4]


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