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Other namesFear of travel
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Symptomsintense, persistent anxiety with thoughts of travel and/or during travels[1]
Durationpersistent, typically lasting for 6 months or more[1]
Differential diagnosisSeparation anxiety, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Major depressive disorder[1]
TreatmentExposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy[1]

Hodophobia is an irrational fear, or phobia, of travel.[2][3]

Hodophobia should not to be confused with travel aversion.[4][5]

Acute anxiety provoked by travel can be treated with anti-anxiety medication.[6][7] The condition can be treated with exposure therapy, which works better when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.[6][7]

Signs and symptoms

People with fear of traveling experience intense, persistent fear or anxiety when they think about traveling and/or during travel.[8][9] They will avoid travel if they can, and the fear, anxiety, and avoidance cause significant distress and impair their ability to function.[8][9]

Related phobias


The causes of hodophobia and the mechanisms by which it is maintained are often complex, as with many phobias.[8][10]


The diagnosis is clinical.[8] It is often difficult to determine if the specific phobia of hodophobia should be the primary diagnosis, or if it is a symptom of a generalized anxiety disorder or another anxiety disorder.[8][11]


Hodophobia is a specific phobia as classified in the DSM-5.[12]


Acute anxiety caused by travel can be treated with anti-anxiety medication.[6][7] The condition can also be treated with exposure therapy which works better when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.[6][7][13] Relaxation techniques and education can also be helpful in combination with other approaches.[9][13][14]

Society and culture

Sigmund Freud, the famous neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, confessed in a number of letters that he suffered from fear of travel.[15] He used the term "Reiseangst" for it, which means "travel anxiety" or "fear of travel" in the German language.[16] However Freud's anxiety was not a "true" phobia.[16]

See also

Other travel-related disorders include:

  • Travel sickness in humans
  • Transport tetany in animals


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