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Korea has had a number of capitals. Korea is a peninsula in East Asia, currently the peninsula is divided into two countries: North Korea's capital is Pyongyang, and South Korea's capital is Seoul.

During Gojoseon


  • Asadal — (legend, unknown)
  • Wanggeom (modern Pyongyang) — Second capital (post 400 BCE)

During the Three Kingdoms of Korea

  • Jolbon — first capital of Goguryeo
  • Gungnae City — second capital of Goguryeo
  • Pyongyang — third capital of Goguryeo
  • Wiryeseong (modern Seoul) — first capital of Baekje
  • Ungjin (modern Gongju) — second capital of Baekje
  • Sabi (modern Buyeo County) — third capital of Baekje
  • Gyeongju — capital of Silla

During the North–South States Period

North–South States Period:

  • Gyeongju — capital of Silla
  • Dongmo Mountain — first capital of Balhae
  • Junggyeong — second capital of Balhae
  • Sanggyeong — third capital of Balhae

During the Later Three Kingdoms

Later Three Kingdoms:

  • Gyeongju — capital of Silla
  • Wansanju (modern Jeonju) — capital of Later Baekje
  • Songak (modern Kaesong) — first capital of Taebong
  • Cheorwon (modern Cheorwon County) — second capital of Taebong

During Goryeo


  • Gaegyeong (modern Kaesong)

During Joseon

Joseon and Korean Empire

Modern capitals

  • Seoul — capital of South Korea a.k.a. Republic of Korea (ROK)
  • Pyongyang — capital of North Korea a.k.a. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)