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Israel (Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל, Modern: Yīsraʾel, Tiberian: Yīsrāʾēl) is a Hebrew-language masculine given name. According to the Book of Genesis, the name was bestowed upon Jacob after the incident in which he wrestled with the angel (Genesis 32:28 and 35:10). The given name is already attested in Eblaite (𒅖𒊏𒅋 Išrail) and Ugaritic (𐎊𐎌𐎗𐎛𐎍 Yšrʾil).[1][pages needed] Commentators differ on the original literal interpretation. The text of the Book of Genesis etymologizes the name with the root śarah (שָׂרָה‎‎, "to rule, contend, have power, prevail over"):[2] שָׂרִיתָ עִם־אֱלֹהִים (KJV: "a prince hast thou power with God"), but modern suggestions read the el as the subject, for a translation of "El rules/judges/struggles"[citation needed] or "El fights/struggles"[citation needed] The Jewish Study Bible of Oxford University Press says on page 68 "The scientific etymology of Israel is uncertain, a good guess being '[The God] El rules.'"[3] implying God through the word for the supreme deity of the Canaanite religion.

Referring to a foreign people, the name appears on the Merneptah Stele (Egyptian: 𓇌𓊃𓏤𓏤𓂋𓇋𓄿𓂋𓏤 Ysrỉꜣr), probably referring to the Israelites.

In Jewish texts during the Second Temple period and beyond, as well as in Christian Greco-Egyptian texts, Israel was understood to mean "a man seeing God": from ʾyš (man) rʾh (to see) ʾel (God).[4]

Per the Bible, Jacob's descendants (the Twelve Tribes of Israel) formed a national ethos and collectively established the Kingdom of Israel, whence came the name of the modern-day State of Israel.

Given name

  • Jacob (later named Israel; see also Jacob in Islam), biblical patriarch
  • Israel (Bishop of Caucasian Albania), 7th century CE
  • Israel (Nestorian patriarch), Patriarch of the Church of the East in 961
  • Israel Abanikanda (born 2002), American football player
  • Israel Adesanya (born 1989), New Zealand professional mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and boxer.
  • Israel Alter (1901–1979), Jewish composer and last chief cantor in Hanover, Germany
  • Israel Asper (1932–2003), Canadian media magnate
  • Israel of Axum, Emperor of Ethiopia in the 6th century CE
  • Israel Baker (1919–2011), American violinist and concertmaster
  • Israel Baline (1888–1989), the birth name of American composer Irving Berlin
  • Yisroel Belsky (1938–2016), American rosh yeshiva and posek
  • Israel Bissell (1752–1823), American post rider and colonial militia officer
  • Israel Broussard (born 1994), American actor
  • Yisrael Campbell, American-born Israeli comedian
  • Israel Cruz (born 1983), Australian singer
  • Israel Dagg (born 1988), New Zealand rugby player
  • Israel ben Eliezer (1698–1760), Jewish mystical rabbi
  • Israel Elimelech (born 1960), Israeli basketball player
  • Israel Englander (born 1948), American billionaire hedge fund manager
  • Israel Epstein (1915–2005), Polish-born Chinese journalist
  • Israel Lewis Feinberg (1872–1941), American physician and coroner
  • Israel Finkelstein (born 1949), Israeli archaeologist
  • Israel Folau (born 1989), Australian rugby player
  • Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhin (1796–1850), Hasidic rebbe
  • Israel García (footballer, born 1999), Mexican footballer
  • Israel Gelfand (1913–2009), Russian mathematician
  • Israel Gohberg (1928–2009), Moldovan-Soviet and Israeli mathematician
  • Israil Gurung, Indian footballer
  • Israel Gigato (born 1987), Spanish football player
  • Israel the Grammarian, 10th-century European scholar
  • Israel Hands, 18th-century pirate
  • Israel Halperin, (1911–2007), Canadian mathematician and social activist
  • Israel Nathan Herstein (1923–1988), Polish-Canadian-American mathematician
  • Yisroel Hopstein (1737–1814), Maggid of Kozhnitz
  • Israel Houghton (born 1971), American singer and Christian worship leader
  • Israel Idonije (born 1980), Nigeria-born Canadian player of American football
  • Israel Jacob (1729–1803), Prussian banker and philanthropist
  • Israel Jacobs (1726–c. 1796), British-American colonial legislator
  • Israel Jacobson (1768–1828), German philanthropist and communal organiser
  • Yisrael Meir Kagan (1838–1933), rabbi and posek known as the Chofetz Chaim
  • Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (1959–1997), Hawaiian singer and spiritual leader
  • Yisrael Mendel Kaplan (1913–1985), teacher at Chicago's Hebrew Theological College
  • Israel Katz (born 1955), Israeli politician
  • Yisrael Katz (1927–2010), Israeli scholar and civil servant
  • Israel Keyes (1978–2012), American serial killer, rapist, bank robber, burglar, and arsonist
  • Israel Kirzner (born 1930), American economist
  • Israel Jacob Kligler (1888–1944), Austro-Hungarian microbiologist, professor, and Zionist
  • Israel of Krems, 14th-/15th-century Austrian rabbi
  • Yisrael Kristal (1903–2017), Polish-Israeli supercentenarian
  • Israel "Izzy" Lang, American football running back
  • Yisrael Meir Lau (born 1937), former Chief Rabbi of Israel
  • Israel Levitan (1912–1982), American sculptor and painter
  • Israel Lewy (1841–1917), German scholar of Judaic texts
  • Israel Lovy (1773–1832), European ḥazzan and composer
  • Israel Lyons (1739–1775), English mathematician and botanist
  • Israel Machado (born 1960), Brazilian basketball player
  • Mohammad Israil Mansuri, Indian politician
  • Israel D. Maulsby (1781–1839), American politician from Maryland
  • Israel Mireles (born c.1983), Mexican convicted murderer
  • Israel Mukuamu (born 1999), American football player
  • Israel Narvaez, American gang founder and author
  • Israel Ochoa (born 1964), Colombian cyclist
  • Yisroel Ber Odesser (1888–1994), Breslov rabbi
  • Israel Ori (1658–1711), Armenian diplomat
  • Israel Pellew (1758–1832), British admiral
  • Israel Pickens (1780–1827), American lawyer and politician
  • Israel Pilot, undergarment inventor
  • Israel Pliner (1896–1939), Soviet secret police functionary
  • Yisroel Avrohom Portugal (1923–2019), Skulener Rebbe
  • Israel Putnam (1718–1790), American general
  • Israel Raybon (born 1973), American football player
  • Israel Regardie (1907–1985), British occultist
  • Israel B. Richardson (1815–1862), American general
  • Israel Rivera, American soldier witness to Abu Grahib conditions
  • Israel Ruiz Jr. (born 1943), New York politician
  • Ysrael Seinuk (1931–2010), Cuban structural engineer
  • Israel Shahak (1933–2001), Israeli author
  • Israel Shamir (born 1947), Swedish antisemitic writer
  • Israel Sheinfeld (born 1976), Israeli basketball player
  • Israel Tal (1924–2010), an Israeli general and tank developer
  • Israel Vázquez (born 1977), Mexican boxer
  • Israel Wachser (1892–1919), Russian writer
  • Israel Wamiau (born 1994), Indonesian footballer
  • Yisroel Dovid Weiss (born 1956), Neturei Karta activist
  • Israel Zamosz (c.1700–1772) Polish-Lithuanian Talmudist, mathematician and poet
  • Israel Joseph Zevin (1872–1926), Belarusian-American humorist
  • Israel Zilber (1933 – after 1980), Latvian-Soviet chess player
  • Ysrael Zúñiga (born 1976), Peruvian footballer


  • Al Israel (1936-2011), American actor
  • Edward Israel (1859–1884), American astronomer and polar explorer
  • Franco Israel (born 2000), Uruguayan footballer
  • Gerli Israel (born 1995), Estonian footballer
  • Guni Israeli (born 1984), Israeli basketball player
  • Harry Frederick Israel, later known as Harry Frederick Harlow (1905-1981), an American psychologist
  • Jonathan Israel (born 1946), British historian
  • Lee Israel (1939–2014), American author known for committing literary forgery
  • Léon Israel (1906-1944), France doctor, resistance fighter, and Jew executed by the France collaborationist Milice.
  • Märt Israel (born 1983), Estonian discus thrower
  • Martha Israel (1905–c. 1967), German politician
  • Melvin Israel, later known as Mel Allen (1913–1996), American sportscaster
  • Menasseh Ben Israel (1604–1657), Portuguese rabbi and scholar
  • Rinus Israël (born 1942), Dutch football player and manager
  • Robert Decatur Israel (1826-1908), San Diego pioneer, keeper of the Old Point Loma lighthouse
  • Samuel Israel III (born 1959), American convicted felon and former hedge fund manager
  • Scott Israel (born 1956/57), American Police Chief of Opa-locka, former Sheriff of Broward County
  • Steve Israel (born 1958), American politician
  • Steve Israel (American football) (born 1969), American football player
  • Syed Shah Israil, 16th-century writer of Bengal
  • Wilfrid Israel (1899–1943), Anglo-German businessman and philanthropist
  • Yuri Izrael (1930–2014), Russian scientist and vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


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