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Oracle SQL Developer
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Developer(s)Oracle Corporation
Written inJava
PlatformJava SE
TypeSQL Integrated development environment

Oracle SQL Developer is an Integrated development environment (IDE) for working with SQL in Oracle databases. Oracle Corporation provides this product free; it uses the Java Development Kit.


Oracle SQL Developer supports Oracle products. In the past a variety of third-party plugins was supported which users were able to deploy to connect to non-Oracle databases. Oracle SQL Developer worked with IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, Amazon Redshift and Teradata databases.[2]

Oracle SQL Developer supports automatic tabs, code insight, bracket matching and syntax coloring for PL/SQL.


Oracle SQL Developer product components include the OWA (Oracle Web Agent or MOD_PLSQL), an extension module for the Apache web server, and helps in setting up dynamic web-pages from PL/SQL within Oracle SQL Developer.[3]


In addition to the extensions provided by Oracle, third parties have written extensions to add new features to SQL Developer and to integrate with other products:[4]

New features
  • GeoRaptor, Geospatial data viewer
  • Insider, Collect statistics for a single Oracle instance and display in real time
  • Schema Visualizer allows you to create fully featured Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
Integration with other Oracle products
  • SQL Developer Data Modeler operates with and models metadata.[5] Prior to SQL Developer version 3, it constituted a separate (but integrated) free[6] counterpart of SQL Developer. As of SQL Developer version 3 modeling became an integrated part of the overall tool. "Data Modeler" can produce (among other outputs) .dmd files.[7]
Integration with other commercial products


Oracle SQL Developer versions[8]
Version Release Date Description
Releases prior to 1.0 Prior to version 1.0, Oracle Corporation labeled the product "Raptor"
1.0 March 2006 The first release
1.1 December 2006
1.2.1 August 2007
1.5 April 2008
1.5.1 June 2008
1.5.3 December 2008
1.5.4 March 2009
1.5.5 July 2009
2.1 RC1 December 2009
2.1 Patch 1 March 2010
3.0 March 2011
3.1 February 2012
3.2 August 2012 APEX listener administration; UI enhancements; 12c database support; bug fixes[9]
4.0 December 2013
4.0.1 February 2014
4.0.2 May 2014
4.0.3 September 2014
4.1.1 June 2015
4.1.2 October 2015 Requires Java 8
4.1.3 December 2015
4.1.5 September 2016[10]
4.2.0 April 2017[11]
17.2 July 2017[12] New version numbering system with year.quarter used.[12]
17.4 Dec 2017[13]
18.1 April 2018[14]
18.2 July 2018[15]
18.3 October 2018[16]
18.4 January 2019[17]
19.1 April 2019[18]
19.2 August 2019[19]
19.4 December 2019[20]

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