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In astrology, the contra-antiscion (pl. contra-antiscia) of an astrological sign or chart point is the sign or point that is equally distant from the other side of the Aries/Libra axis. This axis marks the points that are due East and due West on the horizon, where all objects rise vertically from the horizon (at the Equator), and where the Midheaven is exactly ninety degrees from the Ascendant.

Contra-antiscia sign placements are as follows:-

In practical terms, planets in contra-antiscion to on another have the same ascensional times—that is, each sign takes the same amount of time to rise over the horizon as the sign that is its contra-antiscion, for any given latitude on earth.

To calculate an exact contra-antiscion point, it is necessary to deduct the degree of the first point from 30 degrees. For example, if a point is at 10 degrees 51 minutes Aquarius, its contra-antiscia will be as follows:-

29 degrees 60 minutes ( = 30 degrees) minus 10 degrees 51 minutes Aquarius

equals 19 degrees 09 minutes Taurus

Therefore, the contra-antiscion of 10 degrees 51 minutes Aquarius is 19 degrees 9 minutes Taurus


  1. ^ Note that the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio) are always either in contra-antiscion or antiscion to one another.