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HD 164595 b
Discovered byCourcol et al.
Discovery date10 September 2015
Radial velocity
Orbital characteristics
0.23 AU (34,000,000 km)[1]
Orbital period40.00±0.24[1] d
StarHD 164595
Physical characteristics
Mass16.14±2.72[1] M

HD 164595 b is a confirmed exoplanet orbiting around a Sun-like star HD 164595 every 40 days some 94.36 light-years away. It was detected with the radial velocity technique with the SOPHIE echelle spectrograph. The planet has a minimal mass equivalent of 16 Earths.[1][2]

It is believed to be a Neptune-like gassy planet incapable of supporting life.[3][4] The planet has a minimal mass of 16 Earth masses.[1]

Possible radio signal from star system

Main page: Astronomy:HD 164595

A recent (2016) radio signal at 11 GHz (2.7 cm wavelength) has been observed from the HD 164595 stellar system.[5][6] It is unknown which planet of that stellar system is involved, if any. It could instead be gravitational lensing from a more distant source.[6] SETI investigators are looking into it,[6][7][8] but the chances of the signal being from an extraterrestrial civilization are considered slim, at best,"[3] with SETI researcher Eric Korpela calling it "uninteresting".[9]


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