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Short description: Galaxy in the constellation Ara
NGC 6221
NGC 6221 hst 05479 606.png
NGC 6221 as seen through the Hubble Space Telescope
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 16h 52m 46.1s[1]
Declination−59° 13′ 07″[1]
Helio radial velocity1499±5 km/s[1]
Galactocentric velocity1390±7 km/s[1]
Apparent magnitude (V)9.28[1]
Absolute magnitude (V)−20.97[1]
Size70,000 light years
Apparent size (V)3.5′ × 2.5′[1]
Other designations
ESO 138-3, AM 1648-590, IRAS16484-5908 and PGC 59175
References: NASA/IPAC extragalactic datatbase,

NGC 6221 (also known as PGC 59175) is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ara. In de Vaucouleurs' galaxy morphological classification scheme, it is classified as SB(s)bc[1] and was discovered by British astronomer John Herschel on 3 May 1835.[2] NGC 6221 is located at about 69 million light years from Earth.[1][3]

In 1990, a type Ib/Ic supernova was detected within NGC 6221, and was designated SN 1990W.[4]

Galaxy group information

NGC 6221 is part of galaxy group NGC 6221/15, which includes spiral galaxy NGC 6215 and three dwarf galaxies. Interactions between NGC 6221 and NGC 6215 form a double-stranded bridge of neutral hydrogen gas over a projected distance of 100 kpc; Dwarf 3 of the three dwarf galaxies may have formed from the bridging gas.[5]

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Coordinates: Sky map 16h 52m 46.1s, +-59° 13′ 07″