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Robbie Vorhaus
Robbie Vorhaus.jpg
BornMarch 15, 1954 (1954-03-15) (age 67)
OccupationCrisis and Leadership Expert, Author, Entrepreneur
Known forCrisis and Leadership Advisor
Notable work
One Less. One More.
Spouse(s)Candace Connors Vorhaus

Robbie Vorhaus (born Robert Pool Vorhaus, March 15, 1954) is an American crisis management and leadership strategist, author, and an authority and speaker on crisis and reputation management, and cultural transformation. Vorhaus, a pioneer in non-fiction storytelling (communications), is the founder and CEO of Vorhaus Communications Inc. Vorhaus is also known as the author of the personal transformational book, One Less. One More. Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly.

Vorhaus created two expressions that have entered popular culture, "Truth is the Ultimate Spin,[1]" which was subsequently awarded a U.S. Trademark, and, "Be the light, not the bulb."

On February 29, 2016,[2] appearing on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business Network, Vorhaus became the first American, non-politically affiliated, TV network contributor to predict Donald J. Trump's ascendancy to President of The United States.

Vorhaus is a frequent media commentator on FOX, CNBC ,[3] CNN, and The New York Times ,[4] Wall Street Journal[5] and also The Financial Times.[6][7]

Early life and education

A fifth-generation Manhattanite, Vorhaus was born in New York City , before later moving with his family to Levittown, Pennsylvania. He attended St. Mary's Hall in Burlington, New Jersey, before transferring to the Neshaminy School District in Pennsylvania.[8] At 12, he became a professional magician, performing by the name Voodini.


Vorhaus began his career as a photojournalist for the Bucks County Courier Times in Levittown, PA. In 1975, he worked for KRNT Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, before working for WDAF-TV and KYYS (KY102 Radio) in Kansas City, MO.[9] Moving back to New York City, Vorhaus became a media relations specialist for the public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller.

In 1983, Vorhaus joined The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, working with Dan Rather as a headline producer.

In 1988, he was named the special projects director for the CBS/Broadcast Group in New York City .[10] Vorhaus left CBS in 1989 to form the communications firm, Vorhaus Communications Inc.[11][12]

Although Vorhaus never publicly reveals his clients, he is widely recognized as a trusted advisor and strategist to world leaders, global brands, sports teams, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies.

One Less. One More.

One Less. One More. Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly. is Vorhaus' first published book.[13] It focuses on transformational happiness and self improvement, advising readers to focus on progression and goal setting.[14] Aspects of the book also focus on spirituality, while observing the daily activities of any individual and their work/life balance.[15]

Incorporating aspects of Sacred Geometry, One Less. One More. focuses on the philosophy of personal incrementalism, the daily removal of one negative aspect from a person's life each day and replacing it with something more positive. This ongoing change is one possible path to someone becoming authentic and happy. The book was released in September 2014.[16]

Published works

  • One Less. One More. Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly. Storytelling Inc. 2014. ISBN:978-0-9914658-0-4


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