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Frontopontine fibers
Tractography - Frontopontine tract - animation 1.gif
Tractography of frontopontine fibers
Coronal section through mid-brain.
  1. Corpora quadrigemina
  2. Cerebral aqueduct
  3. Central gray stratum
  4. Interpeduncular space
  5. Sulcus lateralis
  6. Substantia nigra
  7. Red nucleus of tegmentum
  8. Oculomotor nerve, with 8’, its nucleus of origin
  1. Lemniscus (in blue) with a’ the medial lemniscus and a" the lateral lemniscus
  2. Medial longitudinal fasciculus
  3. Raphé
  4. Temporopontine fibers
  5. Portion of medial lemniscus, which runs to the lentiform nucleus and insula
  6. Cerebrospinal fibers
  7. Frontopontine fibers
Latinfibrae frontopontinae
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The frontopontine fibers[1] are situated in the medial fifth of the base of the cerebral peduncles; they arise from the cells of the frontal lobe and then pass through the anterior limb of internal capsule at last end in the nuclei of the pons.

The frontopontine tract (tractus frontopontinus) refers to the combination of the fibers.

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  • Paramedian pontine reticular formation


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