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Short description: Overview of and topical guide to psychology

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to psychology:

Psychology refers to the study of subconscious and conscious activities, such as emotions and thoughts. It is a field of study that bridges the scientific and social sciences and has a huge reach. Its goal is to comprehend individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Psychology is the study of people and the reasons for their behavior. It has grown in popularity in the last few decades and is now an undergraduate course at many universities.

There are a variety of psychology branches that people specialize in, as outlined below. [1][2]

Branches of psychology

Basic psychological science

Other areas by topic

Applied psychology

Psychological schools

Psychological schools – some examples of psychological schools follow (the most prominent schools are in bold):

History of psychology

History of psychology

Psychology theories

Research methods

List of psychological research methods

Psychological phenomena

  • Cognitive biases
  • Emotion (list)
  • Memory biases
  • Perception (index)
  • Psychological effects
  • Thought
    • List of thought processes
    • List of organizational thought processes
    • List of decision-making processes
    • List of creative thought processes
    • List of mnemonics
    • Emotional intelligence

Psychological conditions

Psychological treatments


Psychology education

Psychology organizations

Psychology publications

  • List of further reading on Borderline personality disorder
  • List of psychology journals

Scholars of psychology (and related)

List of psychologists

See also


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