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Explosives engineering is the field of science and engineering which is related to examining the behavior and usage of explosive materials.[1]


Some of the topics that explosives engineers study, research, and work on include:

  • Development and characterization of new explosive materials in various forms
  • Analysis of the physical process of detonation
  • Explosive generated shock waves and their effects on materials
  • Safety testing of explosives
  • Analysis and engineering of rock blasting for mining
  • Design and analysis of shaped charges and reactive armor
  • Design and analysis of military explosives such as shells, aerial bombs, missile warheads, etc.
  • Bomb disposal
  • Drilling and Blasting [2]
  • Explosive Manufacturing[3][4]
  • Explosives Safety Education and Certification[5]
  • Drilling Safety Education and Certification[5]
  • Blasting Safety Education and Certification[5]


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