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Short description: Free and open-source iOS web browser by Mozilla
Firefox for iOS
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Firefox for iOS running on an iPhone X
Initial releaseNovember 12, 2015; 8 years ago (2015-11-12)[1]
Stable release
104.0 / August 23, 2022; 14 months ago (2022-08-23)[2]
Written inC, Objective-C, Swift
Operating systemiOS 13 and above
Size101.8 MB[3]
TypeMobile browser
LicenseMPL 2.0

Firefox for iOS is a free and open-source web browser from Mozilla, for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile devices.[4] It is the first Firefox-branded browser not to use the Gecko layout engine as is used in Firefox for desktop and mobile. Apple's policies require all iOS apps that browse the web to use the built-in WebKit rendering framework and WebKit JavaScript, so using Gecko is not possible.[5][6] Firefox for iOS supports Firefox Sync and is able to sync Firefox's browsing history, bookmarks, and recent tabs.


In December 2014, Mozilla announced it was designing a version of Firefox for iOS.[7] In September 2015, it released a limited preview of the app available only in the New Zealand iOS App Store.[8] In November 2016, Firefox Focus, a stripped-down version of the full browser with a specific focus on private browsing, was published in the Apple App Store.[9]

Version history

  • Version 9.0, released in September 2017, introduced tracking protection on iOS 11 (and later).[10]
  • Version 10.0, released in November 2017, introduced a redesigned user interface, corresponding to the new "Photon" UI introduced with Firefox 57 later that month.[11]
  • Version 11.0, released in April 2018, set tracking protection to be enabled by default.[12]
  • Version 12.0, released in May 2018, introduced file downloads, unified share extension, and easier syncing.[13]
  • Version 13.0, released in May 2018, introduced dark mode, tab search.[14]
  • Version 14.0, released in November 2018, introduced support for Siri shortcuts and allowing the user to pick the items to be deleted from the history.
  • Version 15.0, released in February 2019, introduced an improved menu, new tab settings, and allowing the user to drag tabs to reorder them.
  • Version 16.0, released in April 2019, introduced access to bookmarks, history, reading list, saved passwords and downloads, and includes a redesigned search bar.
  • Version 17.0. released in May 2019, introduced bookmark sync via Firefox Account.
  • Version 18.0, released in July 2019, Bookmark improvement.
  • Version 19.0, released in September 2019, Tracking Protection (Enhanced Tracking Protection) redesign.
  • Version 20.0, released in October 2019, added “Clear all History” option to the history tab.
  • Version 21.0, released in December 2019, dark theme now includes a dark keyboard and dark splash screen.
  • Version 22.0, released in January 2020, Tracking Fingerprinting list for Enhanced Tracking Protection.
  • Version 23.0, released in February 2020, bug fixes and technical improvements.
  • Version 24.0, released in March 2020, updated Enchanted Tracking Protection information screen.
  • Version 25.0, released in May 2020, updated welcome screen and Firefox Account improvement.
  • Version 26.0, released in May 2020, sync support using QR code.
  • Version 27.0, released in June 2020, continue transition to new internal analytics platform.
  • Version 28.0, released in July 2020, new bottom search button of tab screen, new one-click option to start search.
  • Version 29.0, released in October 2020, added iOS 14 default browser feature.
  • Version 30.0, released in December 2020, general fixes.
  • Version 31.0, released in February 2021, general fixes.
  • Version 32.0, released in February 2021, pinned sites improvement.
  • Version 33.0, released in March 2021, added iOS 14 widget feature.
  • Version 34.0, released in May 2021, redesigned UI.

Firefox Home

Firefox Home
Firefox Home - logo.png
Firefox Home.png
Firefox Home on iOS 7.0 on an iPhone 5
Developer(s)Mozilla Corporation
Mozilla Foundation
Initial releaseSeptember 22, 2010; 13 years ago (2010-09-22)
Final release
1.1.1 / December 22, 2010; 12 years ago (2010-12-22)
Written inObjective-C
Operating systemiOS 3.1 and above
TypeBrowser synchronizer
LicenseMPL 2.0

Firefox Home was a companion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch based on the Firefox Sync technology. It allowed users of either device to access their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks, and recent tabs. It also included Firefox's "Awesomebar" location bar. Firefox Home was not a web browser, the application launched web pages in either an embedded viewer for that one page, or by opening the page in the Safari app.[15][16] Mozilla pulled Firefox Home from the App Store in September 2012, stating it would focus its resources on other projects. The company subsequently released the source code of Firefox Home's underlying synchronization software.[17]


Firefox for iOS supports many features common to other mobile browsers, including tabs, history, and bookmarks. It also implements some unique features, including the same tracking protection found in Firefox Focus, a new tab page mimicking that is found on other versions of Firefox, and support for syncing with a Firefox account between devices.

Unlike Firefox on Android, Firefox for iOS does not support browser add-ons. Additionally, it uses Apple's WebKit rendering engine, rather than Mozilla's Gecko. Both of these limitations are in accordance with Apple's rules for submitting apps to the App Store.

See also

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