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CategoryOrganic mineral
(repeating unit)
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
Crystal classDipyramidal (mmm)
H-M symbol: (2/m 2/m 2/m)
Space groupImma
Unit cella = 19.48, b = 7.21,
c = 11.999 [Å] (approximated); Z = 4
Crystal habitPrisms (imperfect); radial aggregates
Cleavage(001), perfect; (100) and (010), imperfect
Mohs scale hardness2
Density1.48 (measured)
PleochroismDeep blue to pale blue with gray hue (strong)

Chanabayaite is the first recognized triazolate mineral, having the formula Cu2(N3C2H2Cl(NH3,Cl,H2O,[])4.

Minor iron admixture is also present.[2] It is also one of a few currently known minerals containing ammine groups, including also ammineite, joanneumite and shilovite.[4][5][6] All the minerals are rare and were found in a single guano deposit in Chile, called Pabellón de Pica.[3] A similar natural phase, formula NaCu2Cl3[N3C2H2]2[NH3]2•4H2O, likely a precursor of chanabayaite, is described by Zubkova et al. 2016.[7]

Crystal structure

The main features of the crystal structure of chanabayaite are:[2]

  • copper forms octahedra, part of which share corners
  • 1,2,4-triazolate anions link the octahedra


Chanabayaite coexists with halite, joanneumite, nitratine, salammoniac and paragenetically-unrelated chalcopyrite. Chalcopyrite is present in an amphibole- and plagioclase-bearing gabbro, that contacts the guano deposit.[2]


Three suggested processes account for the formation of chanabayaite:[2]

  • leaching of sodium from the precursor phase
  • leaching of chlorine from the precursor phase
  • partial dehydratation of the precursor phase


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