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Short description: Genus of archaea

Scientific classification e
Domain: Archaea
Kingdom: Euryarchaeota
Class: Methanomicrobia
Order: Methanomicrobiales
Family: Methanomicrobiaceae
Genus: Methanoculleus
Maestrojun et al. 1990
Type species
Methanoculleus bourgensis
corrig. (Ollivier et al. 1986) Maestrojun et al. 1990

Methanoculleus is a genus of microbes within the family Methanomicrobiaceae.[1] The species of the genus Methanoculleus live in marine environments brackish water, and are very common in bioreactors, landfills, and wastewater. Unlike other archaea, Methanoculleus and some species of related genera can use ethanol and some secondary alcohols as electron donors as they produce methane. This has implications as the production of methane as a greenhouse gas and consequences with respect to global climate change.[2]


The currently accepted taxonomy is based on the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN)[3] and National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).[1]

16S rRNA-based LTP_01_2022[4][5][6] 53 marker proteins based GTDB 07-RS207[7][8][9]

M. taiwanensis Weng et al. 2015

M. receptaculi Cheng et al. 2008

M. palmolei Zellner et al. 1998

M. bourgensis corrig. (Ollivier et al. 1986) Maestrojun et al. 1990

M. sediminis Chen et al. 2015

M. hydrogenitrophicus Tian, Wang & Dong 2010

M. thermophilus corrig. (Rivard & Smith 1982) Maestrojuan et al. 1990

M. horonobensis Shimizu et al. 2013

M. chikugoensis Dianou et al. 2001

M. marisnigri (Romesser et al. 1981) Maestrojun et al. 1990

M. submarinus Mikucki et al. 2003

M. taiwanensis

M. thermophilus

M. bourgensis

"Ca.M. thermohydrogenotrophicus" corrig. Kougias et al. 2017

M. horonobensis

M. hydrogenitrophicus

M. chikugoensis

M. sediminis

M. marisnigri

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Further reading

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