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Intel RealSense
Product Line
IndustryArtificial intelligence, Camera, Depth perception, 3D reconstruction
Founded2015; 6 years ago (2015)
HeadquartersSanta Clara, California
ProductsIntel RealSense
RealSense Depth Camera
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DeveloperIntel RealSense
TypeCameras, Technology

Intel RealSense Technology is a product range of depth and tracking technologies designed to give machines and devices depth perceptions capabilities. The technology, owned by Intel are used in autonomous drones, robots, AR/VR, smart home devices amongst many others broad market products.

The RealSense product is made of Vision Processors, Depth and Tracking Modules, and Depth Cameras, supported by an open source, cross-platform SDK, simplifying supporting cameras for third party software developers, system integrators, ODMs and OEMs.[1]

Technology overview

Intel RealSense Group supports multiple depth and tracking technologies including Coded Light Depth, Stereo Depth and Positional Tracking.[2]

Current Product range

As of January 2018, new Intel RealSense D400 Product Family was launched with the Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4, Intel RealSense Depth Module D400 Series, and 2 ready to use depth cameras: Intel RealSense Depth Cameras D435 and D415.

Previous generations of Intel RealSense depth cameras (F200, R200 and SR300) were implemented in multiple laptop and tablet computers by Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer.[3] Additionally, Razer and Creative offered consumer ready standalone webcams with the Intel RealSense camera built into the design.:[4] Razer Stargazer and the Creative BlasterX Senz3D.[5]

Product series

Intel RealSense D400 Product Family

Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4 Series

The Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4 series are vision processors based on 28 nanometer (nm) process technology to compute real-time stereo depth data. They utilise a depth algorithm that enables more accurate and longer range depth perception than previously available. There are two products in this family: RealSense Vision processor D4 and RealSense Vision Processor D4m.

Other products

The Intel RealSense Depth Module D400 Series is designed for easy integration to bring 3D into devices and machines. Intel also released the D415 and D435 in 2018. Both cameras feature the RealSense Vision processor D4 and camera sensors. They are supported by the cross-platform and open source Intel RealSense SDK 2.0. The Intel D415 is designed for more precise measurements.

Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435

The Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435 is ideal for capturing stereo depth in a variety of applications that help perceive the world in 3D. [6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]

Previous Generations

Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Front F200)

This is a stand-alone camera that can be attached to a desktop or laptop computer.[20] It is intended to be used for natural gesture-based interaction, face recognition, immersive, video conferencing and collaboration, gaming and learning and 3D scanning.[21] There was also version of this camera to be embedded into laptop computers.[22]

Intel RealSense Snapshot

Snapshot is a camera intended to be built into tablet computers and possibly smartphones. Its intended uses include taking photographs and performing after the fact refocusing, distance measurements, and applying motion photo filters.[23] The refocus feature differs from a plenoptic camera in that RealSense Snapshot takes pictures with large depth of field so that initially the whole picture is in focus and then in software it selectively blurs parts of the image depending on their distance. The Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Android tablet is equipped with this camera.[24]

Intel RealSense 3D Camera (Rear R200)

Rear-mounted camera for Microsoft Surface or a similar tablet, like the HP Spectre X2.[25] This camera is intended for augmented reality applications, content creation, and object scanning. Its depth accuracy is on the order of millimeters and its range is up to 6.0 meters. The R200 is a stereo camera and is able to obtain accurate depth outdoors as well as indoors.[26]

App Challenge

To address the lack of applications built on the RealSense platform and to promote the platform among software developers, in 2014 Intel organized the Intel RealSense App Challenge. The winners were awarded large sums of money.[27]


In an early preview article in 2015, PC World's Mark Hachman concluded that RealSense is an enabling technology that will be largely defined by the software that will take advantage of its features. He noted that as of the time the article was written, the technology was new and there was no such software.[28]

Product Technical Specifications

Specifications: Intel RealSense™ Depth Camera D415, D435 and D455 [29][30][31][32]

D415 D435 D455
Use Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Depth Technology Active infrared (IR) stereo
IR Projector & Left/Right Camera Type Standard Wide
Shutter Type Rolling Global
Image Sensor Module OV2740 (OV02740-H34A-Z)[33] OV9782 (OV09782-GA4A)[34]
Image Sensor Technology PureCel® HDR[33] OmniPixel®3-GS[34]
Image Sensor Size 1⁄6 inch, 3855µm × 2919µm[33] 1⁄4 inch, 3896µm × 2453µm[34]
Image Sensor Pixel Size 1.4µm × 1.4µm[33] 3µm × 3µm[34]
Vision Processor Board RealSense Vision Processor D4
Depth Sensor Module RealSense Module D415 RealSense Module D430 + RGB Camera RealSense Module D450
Depth Field of View for HD H:65°±2 V:40°±1 D:72°±2 H:87°±3 V:58°±1 D:95°±3
Depth Field of View for VGA H:50°±2 V:40°±1 D:61°±2 H:75°±3 V:62°±1 D:89°±3
Depth Resolution and Framerate Up to 1280px × 720px @ 90fps
Minimum Depth Distance at Maximum Resolution 45cm / 17.7" 28cm / 11.0" 52cm / 20.5"
Depth Accuracy <2% at 2.0m / 2.2yd <2% at 4.0m / 4.4yd
Ideal and Maximum Range 0.5m to 3m / 0.6yd to 3.3yd 0.3m to 3m / 0.3yd to 3.3yd 0.6m to 6m / 0.3yd to 6.6yd
RGB Resolution, Framerate and Aspect Ratio 1920px × 1080px @ 30fps (16:9) 1280px × 800px @ 30fps (8:5)
RGB Field of View H:69.4° V:42.5° D:77.0° H:91.2° V:65.5° D:100.6°
RGB Lens Distortion ≤1.5%
Device Dimensions 99mm × 20mm × 23mm 90mm × 25mm × 25mm 124mm × 26mm × 29mm
Connector USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1
Mounting Mechanisms One 1/4-20UNC thread mounting point
Two M3 thread mounting points Two M4 thread mounting points

Specifications: Intel RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 Series[35]
(Not available separately as these are just the bare PCB Vision Processor boards, only used as basis for the RealSense™ Depth Camera series)

RealSense Vision Processor D4 RealSense Vision Processor D4M
Depth Technology Stereo Stereo
Package Size 6.4mm x 6.4mm x 1mm 4.7mm x 3.8mm x 0.55mm
Process Technology 28 nm 28 nm
Depth Max Throughput 36.6 MP/sec (848×480@90fps)
Depth Stream Output Resolution Up to 1280×720 Up to 720×720
Depth Stream Output Frame Rate Up to 90fps
RGB Sensor Max Resolution & Max Frame Rate 1920×1080, Up to 60fps 720×720, Up to 30 fps
IR Projector Controls Yes Yes
Host Interface USB 3.0 2x MIPI
Multi Camera Support Yes, up to 5 Up to 30fps
I/O 5x MIPI CSI-2, 5x I2C, 1x SPI, GPIO, Timer 2x MIPI 1x I2C, 1x SPI, GPIO, Timer

Specifications: Intel Stereo DepthModule SKUs[36]
(Not available separately as these are just the bare PCB Depth Sensor Modules, only used as basis for the RealSense™ Depth Camera series)

D400 D410 D415 D420 D430
Depth technology Passive IR Stereo Active IR Stereo Active IR Stereo Passive IR Stereo Active IR Stereo
Image Sensor technology Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter Global Shutter Global Shutter
Depth FOV (HxV for HD 16:9) 63.4degx 40.4deg 63.4degx 40.4deg 63.4degx 40.4deg 85.2degx 58deg 85.2degx 58deg
RGB Frame Rate and Resolution - - Up to 60FPS - -
Depth Resolution Up to 1280x720 Up to 1280x720 Up to 1280x720 Up to 1280x720 Up to 1280x720
Depth Frame Rate Up to 90fps Up to 90fps Up to 90fps Up to 90fps Up to 90fps
Range 0.16-10m+ 0.16-10m+ 0.16-10m+ 0.11-10m+ 0.11-10m+

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