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Corundum is the name for a structure prototype in inorganic solids, derived from the namesake polymorph of aluminum oxide (α-Al2O3).[1] Other compounds, especially among the inorganic solids, exist in corundum structure, either in ambient or other conditions. Corundum structures are associated with metal-insulator transition,[2] ferroelectricity,[3] polar magnetism,[4][5] and magnetoelectric effects.


The corundum structure has the space group R3c. It typically exists in binary compounds of the type A2B3, where A is metallic and B is nonmetallic, including sesquioxides (A2O3),[6] sesquisulfides (A2S3),[7] etc. When A is nonmetallic and B is metallic, the structure becomes the antiphase of corundum, called the anticorundum structure type,[8] with examples including β-Ca3N2[9] and borates. Ternary and multinary compounds can also exists in the corundum structure. The corundum-like structure with the composition A2BB'O6 is called double corundum.[4] A list of examples are tabulated below.

Crystal structure of corrundum. The unit cell contains 16 formulas R2W3 (R=red, W=white). Each red atom is surrounded by six white atoms, and each white by four red.
Materials that exist in the corundum structure
Chemical formula Alternative name Material type Reference
Al2O3 α-Al2O3 or corundum Oxide [1]
V2O3 Oxide [2][10]
Cr2O3 α-Cr2O3 Oxide [10]
Fe2O3 α-Fe2O3 or hematite Oxide [10]
Ga2O3 α-Ga2O3 Oxide [11]
In2O3 rh-In2O3 Oxide [12][13]
Ti2O3 α-Ti2O3 Oxide [14]
Mn2O3 ε-Mn2O3 Oxide [15]
Rh2O3 Oxide [16]
Ir2O3 α-Ir2O3 Oxide [17]
Tl2O3 Oxide [18]
Ca3N2 β-Ca3N2 Nitride [9]
In2S3 ε-In2S3 Sulfide [19]
Tm2S3 E-Tm2S3 or ε-Tm2S3 Sulfide [20]
Yb2S3 E-Yb2S3 or ε-Yb2S3 Sulfide [21]
Lu2S3 E-Lu2S3 or ε-Lu2S3 Sulfide [22]
Ca3(BO3)2 Borate [23]
Sr3(BO3)2 Borate [24]
Eu3(BO3)2 Borate [25]
ScFeO3 Ferrite [26]
GaFeO3 Ferrite [27]
InFeO3 Ferrite [28]
CrTiO3 Titanate [29]
NiCrO3 Chromite [30]
InVO3 Vanadate [31]
Ni3TeO6 Double oxide [32]
Ni2InSbO6 Double oxide [33]
Ni2ScSbO6 Double oxide [33]
Mn2FeMoO6 Double oxide [34]
Mn2FeWO6 Double oxide [35]
Co4Ta2O9 Triple oxide [36][37]

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