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Nonene is an alkene with the molecular formula C9H18. Many structural isomers are possible, depending on the location of the C=C double bond and the branching of the other parts of the molecule. Industrially, the most important nonenes are trimers of propene: Tripropylene. This mixture of branched nonenes is used in the alkylation of phenol to produce nonylphenol, a precursor to detergents, which are also controversial pollutants.[1]

Linear nonenes

Linear Nonene
Name 1-Nonene 2-Nonene 3-Nonene 4-Nonene
Systematic name Non-1-ene Non-2-ene Non-3-ene Non-4-ene
Structure Non-1-ene 200.svg Cis-Non-2-ene structure.svg
Trans-Non-2-ene structure.svg
Cis-Non-3-ene structure.svg
Trans-Non-3-ene structure.svg
Cis-Non-4-ene structure.svg
Trans-Non-4-ene structure.svg
CAS Number 124-11-8
  • 2216-38-8
  • 6434-77-1 (cis)
  • 6434-78-2 (trans)
  • 125146-82-9
  • 20237-46-1 (cis)
  • 20063-77-8 (trans)
  • 2198-23-4
  • 10405-84-2 (cis)
  • 10405-85-3 (trans)
27215-95-8 (all isomers)
PubChem CID 31285 from PubChem CID 33744 from PubChem CID 88350 from PubChem CID 94226 from PubChem
Chemical formula C9H18
Molecular weight 126.24 g·mol−1
Melting point −81 °C[2]
Boiling point 147 °C[2] 144–145 °C[3] 147 °C[4]
Density 0,73 g·cm−3 (20 °C)[2] 0,734 g·cm−3 (25 °C)[3] 0,734 g·cm−3 (25 °C)[5] 0,73 g·cm−3[4]
GHS hazard pictograms GHS02: FlammableGHS08: Health hazardGHS07: Harmful[2] GHS02: Flammable[3] GHS02: Flammable[5] GHS02: FlammableGHS08: Health hazard[4]
GHS hazard statements H226, H304, H315, H319, H335 H226 H226 H226, H304
P261, P301+310, P305+351+338, P331 P210, P233, P240, P241, P242, P243, P280, P301, P310
P331, P303+361+353, P370+378, P403+235, P405, P501


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