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Colored boxes and quotes

To make colored boxes, use the template Template:Colored_box. If you want to have a quote, consider using Template:Quote. Here is an example of colored box:


programmed as:

{{Colored box|title=TITLE|link=MediaWiki|content=CONTENT|view-text=VIEW-TEXT}}

Here is an example of quote:

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war.
—William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, act III, scene I

programmed as:

{{Quote|text=Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war.|sign=William Shakespeare|source=''Julius Caesar'', act III, scene I}}

You can also use Template:Box which is very custom.


To make a note in a box, use the standard HandWiki method. The box shown below

is programmed as:

My new note

Here are the standard MediaWiki notices:

which can be inserted as:

{{Notice | There are many kinds of snakes.}}

{{Warning| There are many kinds of snakes.}}

Various color boxes


Lorem ipsum...

Sidebar box:

See also this link: WP:DR




Text goes here


A bunch of text that will wrap.

Here are some examples using the "notice" style:

Here is an example:

One can also use cmbox:

This text is collapsible.


General Mathematics Visualization


Collapsible sections

To show this output, click expand

Size: 1000
Sum: 2.0795326321690155E11
SumOfSquares: 1.722072831288292E22
Min: 4.3681673233597326E-14
Max: 1.187289072883721E11
Mean: 2.0795326321690154E8
RMS: 4.1497865382309628E9

Global notice text

Global messages for a given namespace controlled by these pages:

# jwork.org/wiki/mediawiki:top-notice-ns-3000
# jwork.org/wiki/mediawiki:bottom-notice-ns-3000

Text boxes

Here is how to make text boxes:

{{robelbox|title=Test title}} <div style="{{Robelbox/pad}}"> Test content using a default bo </div> {{Robelbox/close}}

Nuvola apps bookcase.svg

Topics covering statistics, software, data mining and visualization

Here are more examples:

Theme 13

Some text here

Theme 9

Some text here

Alternative simpler syntax:

Nuvola apps bookcase.svg

Test content using a default box with theme=2

coded as:

{{Robelbox2|theme=13|title=[https://handwiki.org/wiki/Category:Statistics Data Science]| icon = Nuvola apps bookcase.svg | iconwidth=32px |width=300px | msg=Test content using a default box with theme=2}}

Boxes for content

Mathematics, statistics and related topics
Mathematics, statistics and related topics
Mathematics, statistics and related topics

Grid boxes

OOjs UI icon markup.svg Parser tags

Parser tags extend the built-in wiki markup with additional capabilities, whether simple string processing, or full-blown information retrieval.

Learn more about parser tags

OOjs UI icon code.svg Parser functions

Parser functions are special wiki markup syntax that can 'interact' with other wiki elements in the page, and give a specific output.

Learn more about parser functions

Plug-in Noun project 4032.svg Hooks

Hooks allow custom code to be executed when some defined event (such as saving a page or a user logging in) occurs

Learn more about hooks

Boxes for hidden categories

If you have categories that need to be hidden, add this box:

{{Maintenance category|hidden=yes|tracking=yes}}
{{Possibly empty category}}
{{polluted category}}