SM3 (hash function)

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Short description: Cryptographic hash function

ShangMi 3 (SM3) is a cryptographic hash function used in the Chinese National Standard. It was published by the National Cryptography Administration (Chinese: 国家密码管理局) on 2010-12-17[1][2] as "GM/T 0004-2012: SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm".[1]

SM3 is used for implementing digital signatures, message authentication codes, and pseudorandom number generators.[3] The algorithm is public[4][5] and is considered similar to SHA-256 in security and efficiency.[6] SM3 is used with Transport Layer Security.[7]

Definitive standards

SM3 is defined in each of:

  • GM/T 0004-2012: SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm[1]
  • GB/T 32905-2016: Information security techniques—SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm[8]
  • ISO/IEC 10118-3:2018—IT Security techniques—Hash-functions—Part 3: Dedicated hash-functions[3]


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