157 (number)

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Short description: Natural number
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Cardinalone hundred fifty-seven
(one hundred fifty-seventh)
Divisors1, 157
Greek numeralΡΝΖ´
Roman numeralCLVII
Base 364D36

157 (one hundred [and] fifty-seven) is the number following 156 and preceding 158.

In mathematics

157 is:

In base 10, 1572 is 24649, and 1582 is 24964, which uses the same digits. Numbers having this property are listed in OEISA072841. The previous entry is 13, and the next entry after 157 is 913.

The simplest right angle triangle with rational sides that has area 157 has the longest side with a denominator of 45 digits.

In the military

In music

  • "157 Riverside Avenue" is a song by REO Speedwagon from their debut album, REO Speedwagon in 1971. Its title refers to a Westport, Connecticut address where the band stayed while recording it.
  • Piano Sonata No. 1 in E major, D. 157 is a piano sonata in three movements by Franz Schubert.
  • "157" is a song by Tom Rosenthal where the lyrics merely consist of the numbers from 1 to 157. The song was released on April Fools' Day, 2020.

In sports

  • Ken Carpenter held the US record in discus, and won the NCAA national title with a toss of 157 feet in 1936.
  • Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors holds the NBA record for 157 consecutive games with a 3-point field goal made (from November 13, 2014 to November 4, 2016).

In transportation

  • The British Rail Class 157 was the designation for a range of Diesel multiple unit trains of the Sprinter family
  • London Buses route 157
  • American Airlines Flight 157 from New York City bound for Mexico City crashed on November 29, 1949
  • 157th Street (IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line), a New York City Subway station at Broadway in Manhattan served by the 1 train
  • 157th Street (Manhattan), a street in New York City

In other fields

157 is also:

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