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V1315 Aquilae is a cataclysmic variable star located in the constellation of Aquila. It is a type of cataclysmic variable known as a nova-like variable (NL),[1] specifically a SW Sextantis star.[2][3] Nova-like variables such as these SW Sextantis stars are characterized as having non-magnetic white dwarfs and do not undergo dwarf-nova eruptions.[1] There is some evidence that SW Sextantis stars may contain a magnetic white dwarf.[4][5] Being a SW Sextantis star, V1315 Aquilae has a high rate of mass transfer, so it is in steady-state accretion and in a constant state of outburst.[6] It emits the majority of its light in the visible range, which is emitted from the accretion disk.[6] The eclipse depth is 1.8 mag.[7] No description of the donating star has been mentioned.

Nova shell

V1315 Aquilae has a roughly spherical shell of material around it with a maximum mass of 1×10−5 solar masses, which is too small to be related to a planetary nebula or supernova remnant. It is predicted that this shell is the remnant of a nova eruption. This nova eruption is estimated to be roughly 500 to 1200 years old. V1315 Aquilae is the first nova-like star to have been discovered with a nova shell.[1]


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