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The rare O-type asteroids have spectra similar to the unusual asteroid 3628 Boznemcová, which is the best asteroid match to the spectra of L6 and LL6 ordinary chondrite meteorites. Their spectra have a deep absorption feature longward of 0.75 μm.[1]


Seven asteroids have been classified as O-type by the second Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey (SMASSII) and none by Tholen's Eight-Color Asteroid Survey. With the exception of main-belt asteroid 3628 Božněmcová, all other bodies are near-Earth asteroids from the Apollo, Aten or Amor group:

Designation Class Diam. Refs
3628 Božněmcová main-belt 6.914 km MPC · JPL
4034 Vishnu Apollo 0.42 km MPC · JPL
4341 Poseidon Apollo 2 km MPC · JPL
5143 Heracles Apollo 4.843 km MPC · JPL
(8201) 1994 AH2 Apollo 1.859 km MPC · JPL
(162385) 2000 BM19 Aten 0.57 km MPC · JPL
1997 RT Amor 0.3 km MPC · JPL
Diameter: averaged estimates only; may change over time

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