Astronomy:Ausonia Montes

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Ausonia Montes
Ausonia Montes.JPG
Ausonia Montes in Mare Tyrrhenum as seen by CTX
Highest point
CoordinatesCoordinates: 25°42′S 99°04′E / 25.7°S 99.067°E / -25.7; 99.067
Mare Tyrrhenum map.JPG
Map of Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle. Tyrrnena Patera is a major volcano. Ausonia Montes is on the bottom left.

Ausonia Montes /ɔːˈsniə ˈmɒntz/ is a mountain (officially mountains) in the Mare Tyrrhenum quadrangle of Mars, at 25.42° south latitude and 99.04° east longitude. It is 158 kilometres (98 mi) across and was named after an albedo feature name.[1]


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