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Fallen Astronaut plaque and statue on the Moon, placed there during the 1971 Apollo 15 mission
The Mars rover Spirit contains a memorial to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia's STS-107 2003 mission, which disintegrated upon reentry.

List of extraterrestrial memorials is a list of different types of memorials that are not on Earth.


Several landing sites have been named, either the spacecraft itself or the landing site:

Carl Sagan Memorial Station (1997)


The Moon


  • MoonArk, a lunar museum on the Peregrine lander. Made by Carnegie Mellon University[14]
  • Memory of Mankind on the Moon, Team Puli from Hungary plans to send a time capsule for the "Memory of Mankind (MoM) on the Moon" project. The capsule will hold ceramic tablets containing archival imagery and texts readable with a 10x magnifier.
  • DHL Moonbox is a mementos box planned to go to the Moon on the Peregrine lander in 2021. It is made by DHL and Airbus Defence and Space
  • All the payloads on DHL MoonBox
  • Lunar Libraries by the Arch Mission Foundation
  • Lunar Dream Time Capsule, from Astroscale
  • Lunaprise A time capsule on the Nova-C lunar lander
  • Luna 03


  • Hubert Curien Memorial Station, Huygens landing site on Saturn's moon.[15]





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