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Charitum Montes
Argyre Map.JPG
Map of Argyre quadrangle with major features labeled.
LocationArgyre quadrangle
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 58°24′S 40°17′W / 58.4°S 40.29°W / -58.4; -40.29
Length850 km

Charitum Montes is a large group of mountains in the Argyre quadrangle of Mars, located at 58.4° south latitude and 40.29° west longitude. It is 850 km across and was named after a classical albedo feature name.[1] Charitum Montes has gullies in some areas.

Charitum Montes, a cratered winter wonderland from the ESA's Mars Express's HRSC camera
Charitum Montes Gullies, as seen by HiRISE


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