Astronomy:Uranius Mons

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Short description: Martian volcano
Uranius Mons
Uranius Mons.jpg
2001 Mars Odyssey THEMIS mosaic of Uranius Mons
Feature typemountain
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 26°54′N 267°51′E / 26.90°N 267.85°E / 26.90; 267.85
Peak4,853 metres (15,922 ft)

Uranius Mons,[1] formerly Uranius Patera, is a volcano on Mars located in the Tharsis quadrangle, named after a classical albedo feature. The name "Uranius Patera" now refers only to the volcano's central caldera.[2] It is 4,853 metres (15,922 ft) high[3] and has shallow slopes. It belongs to the Uranius group of volcanoes in the Tharsis area. The sides of Uranius Mons consist of radial lava flows; the large caldera (90×65 km) is elongated in the southwestern direction. The surrounding plains are younger and part of the Tharsis Montes Formation of the Amazonian epoch.[4]


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