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Exoplanet Data Explorer / Exoplanet Orbit Database
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Created byJason T. Wright, Geoff Marcy, and the California Planet Survey consortium. Website design and maintenance by Onsi Fakhouri
Current statusActive

The Exoplanet Data Explorer / Exoplanet Orbit Database lists extrasolar planets up to 24 Jupiter masses.[1][2]

"We have retained the generous upper mass limit of 24 Jupiter masses in our definition of a “planet”, for the same reasons as in the Catalog: at the moment, any mass limit is arbitrary and will serve little practical function both because of the sin i ambiguity in radial velocity masses and because of the lack of physical motivation.
The 13 Jupiter-mass distinction by the IAU Working Group is physically unmotivated for planets with rocky cores, and observationally problematic due to the sin i ambiguity. A useful theoretical and rhetorical distinction is to segregate brown dwarfs from planets by their formation mechanism, but such a distinction is of little utility observationally."[1]

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