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This is a list of stars with proplyds (protoplanetary discs) and includes whether they have gaps or planets.

Lists of proplyds

List of proplyds with gaps

(list is very incomplete)

When planets are confirmed (if no planet before), please move to the List of extrasolar planets

Color Key
No known planet
Star Gap distance
(in AU)
Disk Planet Planet distance
(in AU)
HD 100546 Disk extends out to 17 Diameter, 721 AU [1] HD 100546 b 6.5
GM Aurigae 0–300 Disc is warped
Lynds 1551 0.1 Binary system 45 AU apart
OTS 44 Second smallest brown dwarf
TW Hydrae 80 440 [2]

List of proplyds without gaps

(list is very incomplete)
Color Key
No known planet
Star Planet Notes
NGC 1333 IRAS 4 [3]
4U 0142+61 This is a pulsar

List of extremes

This list contains the largest, smallest, oldest, youngest.

(list is very incomplete)
Extreme Star Notes
Least massive (confirmed mass)
Most massive (confirmed mass)
Lowest surface insolation
Highest surface insolation

List of firsts

This list contains firsts.

(list is very incomplete)
Record Star Date Notes
First protoplanetary disc around a pulsar discovered 4U 0142+61 2006
Brightest star with a protoplanetary disc Vega 2005 Not confirmed

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