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The following are lists of planets.

In the Solar System

  • For a list of geophysical planets in the Solar System, see: List of gravitationally rounded objects of the Solar System This also includes a list of the eight planets according to the IAU definition.
  • For a list of objects in the Solar System once but no longer generally considered planets, see: List of former planets
  • For a list of objects in the Solar System, including planets, that have been or are believed to exist, but either have not been proven or have been disproven, see: List of hypothetical Solar System objects

Outside the Solar System

Extrasolar systems
Exoplanets by method of detection
Records in exoplanet detection
Potential terrestrial exoplanets

Fictional or non-scientific planets

  • For a list of planets as used in astrology, see: Planets in astrology
  • For a list of supposed planets not based on scientific evidence, see: Planetary objects proposed in religion, astrology, ufology and pseudoscience
  • For a list of planets in fiction, see: Planets in science fiction, Stars and planetary systems in fiction and Fictional planets of the Solar System


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