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Short description: Martian volcano
Ulysses Tholus
Ulysses Tholus THEMIS day IR 100m v11.jpg
THEMIS daytime IR mosaic of Ulysses Tholus. Much of the caldera floor is covered by deposits from landslides triggered by the formation of adjacent impact craters.
Coordinates [ ⚑ ] : 2°53′N 121°33′W / 2.89°N 121.55°W / 2.89; -121.55

Ulysses Tholus is a Martian volcano. It is located in the Tharsis quadrangle at 2.89° north latitude and 121.55° west longitude. It is 58 km across and is named after a classical albedo feature.[1] Ulysses Tholus is immediately east and slightly north of another volcano, Biblis Tholus. The name of the mountain itself was changed on September 19, 2007. The former terminology, Ulysses Patera, now applies only (and more accurately) to the central caldera, whereas formerly it had applied to the whole edifice.[1] Tholus describes a volcanic edifice somewhat smaller than would be implied by mons.


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