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Setoperone is a compound that is a ligand to the 5-HT2A receptor. It can be radiolabeled with the radioisotope fluorine-18 and used as a radioligand with positron emission tomography (PET). Several research studies have used the radiolabeled setoperone in neuroimaging for the studying neuropsychiatric disorders, such as depression[1] or schizophrenia.[2]


Synthesis:[3] Patent (Intermediate 11 & Ex 1):[4] Radiolabelled:[5]

The starting material is called 6-(2-hydroxyethyl)-7-methyl-2,3-dihydro-[1,3]thiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidin-5-one, CID:15586462 (1). Halogenation of this with hydrobromic acid in acetic acid gives CID:15586463 (2). Sn2 alkylation with 4-(4-fluorobenzoyl)piperidine [56346-57-7] (3) under Finkelstein reaction conditions affords setoperone (4).

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